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Vicky Evans
Print Shop Coordinator
Mary Earnhart
Press Operator


Call 501.354.2269   Ext. 1036 or Ext. 1056
‚Äč 501.208.5406 – 501.208.5405
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In God We Trust order form.

In God We Trust order form

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Program Summary:

The print shop opened in August 1988 to provide timely and cost 
effective printing services.  The print shop serves school districts 
in Arkansas and outside the state.


Printed Items Include:

Student Handbooks 
Business Cards
Report Cards
Due Process Forms
Parents Rights Booklets
Workshop Handouts
Customized Binders
Common Core State Standards Booklets (Binders or Coil Binding)
2, 3, or 4-part NCR Forms (1/4 Size, 1/2 Size or Full Size)