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Board of Directors

 Rob McGill, Supt.

Academic Plus Charter School

900 Edgewood Drive

Maumelle, AR   72113

Phone: 501-803-9730

James Caton

Arkansas School for the Blind

PO Box 668

Little Rock, AR  72203

Phone: 501-296-1810
 Jody Jenkins, Supt.

Atkins Public School District

302 Ave. Two, N.W.

Atkins, AR  72823

Phone: 479-641-7871

Jay Chalk, Supt.

Clinton Public School District

683 Popular Street

Clinton, AR  72031

Phone: 501-745-6000

 Greg Murry, Supt.

Conway Public School District

2220 Prince Street

Conway, AR  72032

Phone: 501-450-4800

Gregg Grant, Supt.

Danville School District

P.O. Box 939

Danville, AR  72833

Phone: 479-495-4800

  John Thompson, Supt.

Dardanelle School District

209 Cedar St.

Dardanelle, AR  72834

Phone: 479-229-4111

  Josh Daniels, Supt.

Dover Public School District

P.O. Box 325

Dover, AR  72837

Phone: 479-331-2916

 Lori Edgin, Supt.

East End Public School District

114 West Panther Drive

Bigelow, AR  72016

Phone: 501-759-2808

  Scott Spainhour, Supt.

Greenbrier Public School District

4 School Drive

Greenbrier, AR  72058

Phone: 501-679-4808

 Joe Fisher, Supt.

Guy-Perkins Public School District

492 Hwy 25 N

Guy, AR  72061

Phone: 501-679-3507

  Alan Stauffacher, Supt.

Heber Springs Public School District

1100 W. Pine Street

Heber Springs, AR 72543

Phone: 501-362-2451

   Mark Taylor, Supt.

Hector Public School District

11520 SR 27

Hector, AR  72843

Phone: 479-284-2021

 John Gray, Supt.

Mayflower Public School District

#15 Old Sandy Road

Mayflower, AR 72106

Phone: 501-470-0506

   Larry Walters, Supt.

Mt. Vernon/Enola Public Schools District

P.O. Box 43

Mt. Vernon, AR  72111

Phone: 501-849-2220

   Logan Williams, Supt.

Nemo Vista Public School District

5690 Highway 9

Center Ridge, AR  72027

Phone: 501-893-2925

 Bobby Acklin, Supt.
North Little Rock School District
2700 Poplar Street
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone: 501-771-8000
   Dr. Walt Davis, Supt.

Perryville Public School District

614 South Fourche Avenue

Perryville, AR  72126

Phone: 501-889-2327

Larry Dugger, Supt.

Pottsville Public School District

7000 State Road 247

Pottsville, AR  72858

Phone: 479-968-8101

  Dennis Truxler, Supt.

Quitman Public School District

P.O. Box 178

Quitman, AR 72131

Phone: 501-589-3156

Dr. Mark Gotcher, Supt.

Russellville School District

P.O. Box 928

Russellville, AR  72801

Phone: 479-968-1306

    Tyrene Gardner, Supt.

Shirley Public School District

199 School Drive

Shirley, AR  72153

Phone: 501-723-8191

  Shawn Halbrook, Supt.

So. Conway County School District

704 E. Church St.

Morrilton, AR 72110

Phone: 501-354-9400

  Aaron Hosman, Supt.

South Side Public School District

334 Southside Road

Bee Branch, AR 72013

Phone: 501-654-2633

  Mike Dean, Supt.

 Two Rivers School District

  17727 East State Hwy 28

  Ola, AR 72853

  Phone: 479-272-3113

  Dr. David Stephens, Supt.

Vilonia Public School District

P.O. Box 160

Vilonia, AR 72173

Phone: 501-796-2113

 Joe Staton, Supt.

Western Yell School District

P.O. Box 214

Havana, AR  72842

Phone: 479-476-4116

 Andy Chisum, Supt.

West Side Public School District

7295 Greers Ferry Rd.

Greers Ferry, AR72067

Phone: 501-825-6258

  Jamie Stacks, Supt.

Wonderview Public School

2436 Highway 9

Hattieville, AR72063

Phone: 501-354-0211