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Career and Technical Education

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Career and Technical Education Department

Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative
101 Bulldog Drive
Plumerville, AR 72127
Phone: 501-208-5416
FAX:  501-354-7926
Cell:  870-588-1073

Lori Mitchell
CTE Coordinator

Angie Zimmerman
CTE Academic Attainment Specialist


419 Endorsement for Business Technology Grades 5-6



Program Overview:

The Career and Technical Education Department has the responsibility to develop and coordinate the Carl D. Perkins Federal Program.  It is our goal to serve as a liaison between our member schools and the Career and Technical Education state staff and program managers.

We are here to assist new Career and Technical Instructors, to provide staff development, and to encourage the development, implementation, and improvement of Career and Technical programs. 

Improvement of Career and Technical Education programs has three major components:  (1) A change in the curriculum to add advanced technologies, (2) the purchase of the instructional equipment needed to teach the new technology, and (3) in-service training for the teacher, on both teaching the new curriculum and using the new equipment.  These three components will be used as guidelines in making decisions for all staff development and equipment purchases within our department.



2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Academic Attainment-Literacy 73.51% 78.91% N/A   77.00%
Academic Attainment-Geometry 82.81% 80.61% 83.09% 2.48% 80.00%
Technical Attainment 82.63% 80.87% 82.66% 1.79% 78.00%
High School Completion 97.25% 97.97% 98.60% .63% 96.50%
High School Graduation 97.25% 97.97% 98.60% .63% 92.00%
Placement 94.98% 95.28% 93.87% -1.14% 95.00%
Nontraditional Participation 29.59% 25.32% 25.24% -.08% 29.00%
Nontraditional Completion 18.94% 20.16% 21.38% 1.22% 22.00%

TBDAcademic Attainment Literacy:  number of CTE concentrators who have met the proficient/advanced level on the Statewide high school reading/language arts assessment.

Academic Attainment Geometry:  number of CTE concentrators who have met the proficient/advanced level on the Statewide high school mathematics assessment.

Technical Attainment:  number of CTE concentrators who were proficient on assessments taken within the program of study.

High School Completion:  number of CTE concentrators that graduate plus the number of CTE concentrators that receive a GED during the reporting year.

High School Graduation:  number of CTE concentrators who, in the reporting year, were included as graduated in the State’s computation of its graduation rate.

Placement:  number of CTE concentrators who successfully completed the program of study and graduated from high school and who were employed, enrolled in post-secondary, or in the military six months following graduation.

Nontraditional Participation:  number of nontraditional gender students enrolled in one or more units within a program of study that is nontraditional for their gender during the reporting year.

Nontraditional Completion:  number of nontraditional gender concentrators who successfully complete programs of study designated nontraditional and graduate from high school during the reporting year.

  Notes:  *Any performance of less than 90% of the target requires that the recipient submit an improvement plan in the following year.

                The Performance Targets for the 2015-16 year will be negotiated prior to the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.



2013-14 Local Report

Click Here for Copy of Local Report 2013-14


CTE Course Changes 2015-16 

Click Here for CTE Course Changes 2015-16


Local Report Data by School 2013-14

Click Here for Copy of Local Report by School


Technical Assistance Available from the CTE Department:

  • Carl D. Perkins Consortium Administration
    • Annual Application Preparation and Submission
    • Budget Management
    • Implementation of Perkins Mandates
    • Proposal Accountability
    • Technical Equipment Purchasing/Distribution
    • Completer Reports
    • Placement Reports
  • CTE Initiatives Support
    • Career Clusters/Pathways/Programs of Study
    • Curriculum Frameworks
    • Career Planning Systems - Kuder, CAP, Learning Styles
    • End-of-Course Competency Testing
    • Academic Attainment of CTE Students
  • CTE Technical Assistance
    • Professional Development/Technology Training
    • New Teacher Assistance
    • Policies and Procedures Interpretation
    • Resource Distribution
    • New Program Start-up Grant Support
  • Evaluation of Programs
    • DWE Technical Assistance Visits-Preparation, Attendance, and Follow-up
    • Teacher Information System -Review and Follow-up
  • Data Collection/Reporting
    • Competency Testing Reports
    • Quarterly Activity Reports


Carl Perkins Consortium Members

Atkins Heber Springs Russellville
Clinton Hector Shirley
Danville Mayflower South Conway County
Dardanelle Mt.Vernon-Enola Southside Bee Branch
Dover Nemo Vista Two Rivers
East End Perryville West Side Greers Ferry
Greenbrier Pottsville Western Yell
Guy Perkins Quitman Wonderview



Central Arkansas CTE Regional Business Partnership Council 2016

Minutes from the Break Out Sessions


Business, Marketing & Management and Communications & Information Technology

Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Education and Training

Health Science, Criminal Justice, and Public Safety

Manufacturing and Skilled







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