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Teresa Parish

Teresa Parish, Literacy Specialist

ICLF Grades 2/3, 4/5 and Grade Level Reading trainer


  Implementing a Comprehensive Literacy Framework (ICLF)

Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-5

Grade Level Reading K-3

ICLF was developed to provide guidance and support in building and sustaining a comprehensive literacy system at the local level.  Each module focuses on key components of a comprehensive system.  Educators may register for individual modules or complete the entire set of modules to gain in-depth understanding of all the components.  The modules do not need to be taken in sequence. Please read the description on the registration page for each module to gain a better understanding of the content of that session.  

Grade Level Reading registration is handled by individual schools.

Contact Teresa
501-208-5419 (Direct line) or 501-354-2269 (Main office)

"Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops."

                                                                                                 Henry Brooks Adams

                                  Summer 2017 PD Sessions 


                Grade Level Reading for Grades 2-3: June 12-15

              Grade Level Reading for Grades K-1: June 27 & 28

                     ICLF Module 3 for Grades 2-3: June 29-30

                     ICLF Module 3 for Grades 4-5: July 6 & 7

                    ICLF Module 2 for Grades 2-3: August 2 & 3                   

                                       Other PD Sessions


                 What Did You Learn in School Today?: July 13

                 What Did You Learn in School Today?: July 14

                           Vocabulary for Grades 2-3: July 28

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Arkansas IDEAS Portal



 Participant Resources Summer 2017