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Electronic Fingerprinting Information

Electronic Fingerprinting

Before coming to the cooperative, you must fill out this COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire and call 501-354-2269 to schedule an appointment.  Once you have an appointment and arrive at the co-op, please park in the front parking lot closest to the “Arch Ford” sign.  Before getting out of your car, call 501-354-2269, and let them know you are here.  They will let you know when they are ready for you to enter the Co-op.


You will wash your hands before being fingerprinted.  All of your paperwork MUST be completed before coming to Arch Ford ESC.  You must bring your fingerprint consent form, your transaction ID and your health survey.  If you do not have your paperwork , we will not do your fingerprints and you will need to reschedule.  Facemask are required.


Fingerprint Applicants Must:

Step 1: Call 501-354-2269 make an appointment

Step 2: Bring the fingerprint consent form 

Step 3: Bring proof of payment (transaction ID) 

Step 4: Bring Health questionnaire (completed that morning) 

Step 5: Adhere to Arkansas Department of Health Guidance 

Step 6: Be on time and bring no other family members/friends into the building with you.

**Keep in mind, regardless of who is paying, the transaction ID is only valid for 14 (fourteen) days--so once your background is keyed online you have only 14 (fourteen) days to come in and complete your electronic fingerprints.



Schools will be billed through Information Network of Arkansas (INA). No transactions will occur between Arch Ford and the district.

The school district will be able to track the status of the FBI check (fingerprint) at any time by visiting


If you work for an employment agency, there is a $10.00 fee for finger printing.  We only accept cash payments for this fee.